Thor Soundtrailer

Thor Soundtrailer


What is Thor? 
It's a massive mobile sound system capable of incredibly high quality and high fidelity sound - in fact Thor delivers a frequency response between 5Hz and 20kHz, not to mention some incredible SPL (Sound Pressure Level) at the same time.

Why did we build it?
The original concept was to create a 'mobile demonstration vehicle' for our GrooveTech products. This meant that our customers could experience our GrooveTech systems at any location and at their convenience! What we hadn't anticipated was that Thor FAR exceeded our original scope. We now have a massive mobile sound system that is available for hire - built in DJ booth, speakers, amplifiers, processing, lighting (lasers, haze, LED Par, etc) - and the whole rig is waterproof!

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Groove Group


D1NZ / Mt Smart Stadium


05 November, 2014