Massey Blues Awards

Massey Blues Awards 2014


In 1990, Massey University resurrected the practice of awarding blues to its top sporting students in all sports with the Massey Blues Awards, funded by the University and the Students’ Association, with sponsorship from the Bank of New Zealand. A selection committee was elected and a formal set of guidelines for potential recipients established, to ensure a high standard and consistency across the codes. Improved marketing and an increasing student role saw an increase in student nominations.

We have been looking after the awards for Massey University's Albany campus since 2011 with outstanding results every time. In 2014 we were given the opportunity to create all the content for the awards night. With some crafty alpha channel keying we had a continually moving background playing throughout the entire night (including holding slides) and using one of our playout servers we were able to advance the presentation to keep in time with the MC and create a seamless continuous presentation all without the presentation appearing to never stop!


Massey University


North Harbour Stadium


16 October, 2015